Hello, We are Greg & Lindsey Colombe


We are Professional photographers from the United States, located in Glens Falls NY.

Lindsey is very passionate in photography and strives for the best quality. Has strong family values, with an unparalled work ethic to boot. She connects with client(s) and makes you feel at home. She started taking photos at 15 years old, since the birth of her two children she has taken over 10k private photos.

"There is nothing like bringing a smile to a clients face or tears to loved ones eyes".


Greg is also very passionate in his work. Always diligent in getting the right shot for the client(s), he captures those moments you least expect. His work reflects the small details most can miss bringing a very unique feel to your art he creates. He started photography using a Minolta 35mm camera in high school, taking photos of friends and family to doing digital graphics for a local television network called televisa. This was on a show called "Tu Guia " a guide to local business, run and owned by Jorge garza with C2P and Jabcil tv owned By Ivan De La Garza.

Lindsey & I travel local and abroad with client(s). We adore the outdoors and all the beauty life has to offer. We provide the mastery of our trade to all of you, in the form of everlasting memories you can cherish for a lifetime.

the locations we use are unique as each of you. Beautiful in almost every way.



“Highly recommend! Very professional, and very patient with the little ones. Thanks again for a great experience!”